How do I set my domain to resolve to my webserver

DNS-Stock offers a free realtime DNS management tool if your domain is using our default DNS-Stock Name servers ( and

If this is not the case yet, you can update your domain to use our name servers. This is a free service for domains registered with us.

In your domain list you will have an icon Edit DNS zone icon allowing direct access to the DNS zone manegement tool (only for domains using your default nameservers).

Here you have two options:

  • If you have already an active website and you want to set up the new domain to redirect to that website you can use the web redirect feature.
    • Click on "Add web redirect"
    • Fill in the "From" field (eg www.yournewdomain.tld)
    • Finally the "redirect to" field (eg www.myexistingwebsite.tld)
    • Click on Add to save the webredirect
  • If you have a hosting plan at a provider of your choice, you can have your domain redirect to the IP or hostname your hosting provider gave you:
    • Click on "Add Dns Record"
    • Specify the Host for whith you want to create the new entry. The host is the part added in front of your domain (www, ftp, mailserver are just a couple of hostnames)
      @ is a special "hostname" for the domain itself without a given hostname
    • Use one of the following Record types:
      • "A" Record if your provider gave you an IP (eg
      • "CNAME" Record if your provider gave you a hostname (eg server1.privider.tld) 
    • The TTL indicated for how many seconds DNS servers will be allowed to cache the DNS record before they have te refetch the record from our Nameservers
    • Click on "Add" to add the record in realtime to our nameservers.