NL - Netherlands - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: Netherlands


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 15 €
Renewal fee: 15 €
Modification fee: 20 €
Trade fee: 15 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 160€

Specific requirements for .NL

Local presence is required by the registry and is offered by DNS-Stock if no local presence can be provided by the customer.

Supported operations for .NL


To register a .nl domain the following conditions apply:

  • A local presence is required for the domain owner. If no Dutch contact can be provided you can use our trustee service (additional fees may apply).
  • The domain has to be configured on the name servers before registration as the registry performs zone checks name server to be used with the domain. A free online zone check tool is available here.
  • A legal form for the registrant is required.


Updating your .nl domain is possible without problems. n.b. changing the domain owner of a .nl requires a trade.


The new domain owner needs to have a contact address in the Netherlands. Once you have initiated the trade request, you will receive forms to sign and send back by fax.


Apply for the transfer. When doing so, use the token (AuthCode) that you have received from the registrant.