LU - Luxembourg - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: Luxembourg


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 29 €
Renewal fee: 29 €
Modification fee: 20 €
Trade fee: 29 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 49€

Supported operations for .LU


.lu can be registered without restrictions.


Updating your .lu domain is possible without problems. n.b. changing the domain owner of a .lu requires a trade.


When initiating a trade request, both parties, the current and the new user are asked to confirm the trade operation. Only if both parties confirm the trade operation, the owner is changed.

The trade confirmation is done by email. If one of the two parties cannot be reached by email, a fax can be sent to the registry. If the domain is registered on a company name or will be registered on behalf of a company the fax need to be on letter head paper.


Transferring a .lu domain over to DNS-Stock is possible in your DNS-stock account. Once the transfer has been initiated, the domain owner receives an email from the registry asking for confirmation for this transfer. The domain owner has 2 weeks to confirm the transfer using the link provided in the email. If during these 2 weeks the transfer is not confirmed the domain owner can send a confirmation by fax.

Once the transfer has been confirmed, the transfer completes and the domain is added to your account.

A transfer does reset the expiration date of a .lu domain to the date the transfer is completed. Transferring a .lu domain automatically adds 1 year to the expiration date.

Please note

If the used name servers are not correctly configured, the add/transfer domain command will end unsucessfully since the registry performs a DNS pre-check.