IT - Italy - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: Italy


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 19 €
Renewal fee: 19 €
Modification fee: 0 €
Trade fee: 19 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 0€

Specific requirements for .IT

Local presence is required by the registry and is offered by DNS-Stock if no local presence can be provided by the customer.

Supported operations for .IT


.it domain can only be registered by individuals and juridical persons residing in or belonging to a EU Member State. If no European address can be provided, you can use our trustee service (additional fees may apply).

The domain needs to be correctly configured on the nameservers before registration as the registry runs zone checks on the name servers to use with the domain.

The domain name registrant's Taxcode is mandatory. Use the VAT field in the contact form.

If the requester:

  • is an Italian natural person it contains his/her Codice Fiscale (11 numbers format).
  • For others than residents of IT it can contain a  document number. (ID Card).
  • For associations without VAT number and tax code must be equal to n.a..
  • In all other cases it must be equal to VAT number (in the 11 numbers format if nationality is IT) or the numeric Codice Fiscale.


To perform an order change the domain owner of a .it domain please contact our support.

A fax form needs to be sent to the registry along with a new LAR signed by the new owner. Our support will provide you with the necessary documents.


Initiate the transfer request in your DNS-stock account. We will send you the corresponding fax document you need to complete, sign and send back in order to get the domain transferred.


Only individual and juridical persons residing in or belonging to a EU Member State can register domain names under the ccTLD "it". All others can use our trustee service to register a .it domain.