FR - France - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: France


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 17 €
Renewal fee: 17 €
Modification fee: 0 €
Trade fee: 17 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 99€

Specific requirements for .FR

Local presence is required by the registry and is offered by DNS-Stock if no local presence can be provided by the customer.

Supported operations for .FR


for .fr domains both owner and admin contact need a local address including a French phone number. If one of the contacts has no local address in France, you may use our trustee service for both contacts; the trustee service cannot be used only for one of the two contacts.

The following additional data is required if a local address is available:

  • If the registrant is a natural person
  • The registrant's birthdate
  • The registrant's birthplace in form of a two-letter country-code.
  • For French residents:
    • The registrant's place of birth (city name)
    • The registrant's postcode of the place of birth (or at least the department code)
  • If the registrant is an organisation or a company, there are several ways to provide the required data:
    • for an association:
      • Waldec ID
      • Date of publication in JO
      • Page number in JO
      • Association Constitution date
    • for a trademark:
      • Trademark number
    • for a company:
      • SIREN / SIRET number

Technical contact must be an organization.


Updating your .fr domain is possible without problems. n.b. changing the domain owner of a .fr requires a trade.


When changing the domain owner of a .fr the same the same rules as for a new registration apply. The new domain owner needs an address in France including a French phone number. If no local contact can be provided you can use our trustee service.


To transfer a .fr domain you need a new admin contact with a French address and the transfer authorisation code (authcode). If no local admin contact is available you can chose to use our trustee service.