CO.UK - U.k. - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: U.k.


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 12 €
Renewal fee: 12 €
Modification fee: 0 €
Trade fee: 12 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 0€

Supported operations for .CO.UK

Registration domains can be registered without restrictions


Updates for domains can be processed without any restrictions. n.b. changing the domain owner requires a trade.


To perform an ownerchange of an .UK domain you have to contact nominet directly.


To transfer a domain to DNS-Stock follow these simple steps:

  • Initiate the transfer in your account
  • contact your current registrar for this domain and ask him to change the IPS Tag of the domain to "KEY-SYSTEMS-DE".
  • Once the IPS tag has been changed the domain will be put on your account.