AT - Austria - Top Level Domain -

General information

Country: Austria

The domain registration in Austria started in 1988 when the Top Level Domain .at was delegated to the University of Vienna. During the next 10 years, the University also served as .at registry. The initially severe delegation rules were liberealised in 1997 - this fact explains the abrupt rise of delegation numbers. One year later, took over the registration and administration of .at-domains.


Setup fee: 0 €
Annual fee: 23 €
Renewal fee: 23 €
Modification fee: 0 €
Trade fee: 23 €
Reactivate from quarantine fee: 0€

Supported operations for .AT


.at can be registered without restrictions


Updating your .at domain is possible without problems. n.b. changing the domain owner of a .at requires a trade.


Changing the domain owner requires a signed document (signed by the domain owner). Changing the registrant for a .at domain takes 1-2 days to be processed)


Transferring a domain over to DNS-Stock is possible in your DNS-stock account. Once the transfer has been initiated, the domain owner receives an email asking for confirmation for this transfer.
The transfer confirmation request has a limited validitity of 21 Days. Once the transfer has been confirmed (within these 21 days), the transfer completes and the domain is added to your account.

A transfer does not change the expiration date of a .at domain.


.AT Domains can be deleted online.
Please note that you're only allowed to actually delete .AT domains if you have the written authorization of the domain owner, which must be provided to the registry on a standardized form ( at least 29 days before the end of the registration term.